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It's About Understanding

 Simply put, it is about educating the client. Gone are the days where the agent served as the gatekeeper of housing information. Today, housing data is a commodity and easily within reach of the public –– and thus, the modern agent's role has changed from gatekeeper to interpreter, as well as educator, facilitator, steward, analyst, and (of course) strategist. At One South, we are known for our informed agents who can help you understand an increasingly complex home buying process. 

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About One South Realty Group

The One South Realty Group is a mixed-use brokerage located in Richmond, Virginia and along the Chesapeake Bay. Opened in 2008, by a team of agents who sought a different way, we’ve grown from the original 5 to over 100 agents and staff in multiple markets. With residential and commercial practices united under one banner, One South is designed to serve any and all client needs.

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